Basic Data Visualization and Scholarship

Daniel Lynds (St. Norbert College)

This workshop will leverage basic data visualization methods to present social media engagement for #BUDSC16. Measuring hashtag engagement using data visualization is becoming a phenomenon across disciplines and fields, often being integrated with Social Network Analysis. Whether exploring activity of students in a learning environment, engagement of brands with users, actors in a network, or a multitude of other contexts, data visualizing affords us unique areas for collaboration and conversation. This workshop will leverage several approaches of data visualization to present social media engagement for #BUDSC16.

Using hashtags generated for #BUDSC16, this workshop will run before, during, and after the conference while datamining from the various hashtags emerging therein. Participants in this project will use data visualizations to tell stories about their experiences with conference themes and events. During the workshop the main hashtags of the conference will be explored, primarily via twitter, in a hands-on interactive fashion giving participants both theoretical and practical contexts. We will create a unique hashtag in the workshop and watch it grow in a visualized form.

Working in a shared slide deck, participants will openly share the work they make in the workshop. This will be a truly unique experience for participants new to the data visualization field. Those attending the workshop would benefit most if they have Gmail and Twitter accounts prior to the workshop.

Daniel Lynds is an Instructional Technologist currently working at St. Norbert College in the Digital Humanities. With a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Masters in Education Technology, Daniel collaborates with people on making their work as impactful and open as possible. His primary research interests lie in visual storytelling, social network analysis, open education, and cultural theory.

As an editor at Hybrid Pedagogy, a critical journal/community/conversation/study, Daniel finds himself constantly engaged with scholarship from international voices focused on the connectedness of learning, teaching, and technology in culture. This work feeds his interests in collaboratively building sense making in the humanities and beyond. He believes in people and their ability to critically examine their paths in the ever complex landscape of knowledge abundance navigation.

Daniel is also an interdisciplinary artist and general noise maker. Many of his creations can be found at


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