Digital Humanities Summer Scholars: A Model for Undergraduate Engagement with DH

Sarah Morris, Tawfiq Alhamedi, Caroline Nawrocki, and Mila Temnyalova (Lafayette College)

In an effort to directly engage undergraduates in the digital humanities, Skillman Library, at Lafayette College, offers a competitive, intensive summer research internship for students interested in digital scholarship. During this six-week program, students create digital research projects of their own, engaging with digital tools, methodologies, and communities of practice. In this panel, we will talk about this model of undergraduate work in DH, the students explaining the process and educational outcomes through their own digital projects. Students in this program learned Python, wrote code, cleaned data, created maps from scratch, performed text analysis, topic modeling, and sound engineering. This program has developed into an incubator for students’ passion projects, and, consequently, a force in elevating undergraduate research and digital humanities at Lafayette. Ultimately, variations on this model could be employed at many kinds of institutions, and we would discuss both advantages and challenges to implementation on the instructor and student levels.

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Sarah Morris is a Research and Instruction Librarian at Lafayette College. In addition to providing traditional reference and liaison services, she works with faculty to infuse digital pedagogy into their classrooms, and directs the Digital Humanities Summer Scholarship.

Tawfiq Alhamedi is a rising senior attending Lafayette College. He is pursuing a BA degree in Anthropology & Sociology and has been particularly interested in researching the Indian Ocean, transnationalism, and conceptions of identity.

Caroline Nawrocki is a junior International Affairs major at Lafayette College. She is passionate about activism, politics, languages, and college newspapers.

Mila Temnyalova joined Lafayette College’s Class of 2019 as an International Affairs and Economics double major. Originally from Bulgaria, she concentrates in Conflict and Cooperation in the European region, and is pursuing Russian to the advanced level.

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